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Truck Cycle Time

Trucks, Cycle Time, by Area (#611)


You need calculate your truck cycle times for blocks in an area.  The report also will calculate cycle times for contractors that haul on a 24-hour clock. 


Focus of Report is to show truck cycle times.  A cycle is defined as the time to complete a round trip between a block and the mill.  This provides data of the length of time it takes to complete a round trip between a block and the mill.  It also allows you to determine any abnormally long (e.g.., doddling drivers) or short trips (e.g.., speeding drivers).  This report shows the cycle times grouped first by block/destination combination and then provides subtotals by truck with the group.

A cycle starts at the time a truck first leaves a mill yard (Time Out).  The cycle ends when the truck comes back and next leaves the yard.  Unlike cycle time reports #602 and #603, the process in thus report is not calculated on a daily basis, in which there is an assumed break at midnight each day.  (In those reports, the first trip of the day never counts, it only serves to determine the first exit time of the day.)  The calculation method used here allows you to calculate the cycle times whose yard exit (or yard entrance) times span midnight.

Instead of using midnight a break, this report uses a maximum trip time to establish a break.  In other words, if the time difference between exit times is too long, it is assumed a break has occurred.  Therefore, the observation is not counted and is treated like the start of the day.  Basically, this approach drops all cycle time observations whose times are too long.

How is the maximum trip time determined?  The default maximum trip time is set as an item in the Basic Setup window:

The 'Default Max Time' is the maximum trip time.  All cycle times longer than that value are dropped.  The default value for this time is 12 hours.  Note also that you set whether you want to use the 'Time In' or 'Time Out' of the Yard to use for the trip time calculations.

If the default value is too general, you can override the default with a block specific maximum trip time.  In the block setup wizard there is a step that allows you to enter a maximum trip time for the block:

This is the same step that you would use to enter your on and off highway distances for purposes of the BC fuel rebate calculation.  This grid allows you to enter a maximum trip time for the block -- this maximum time sets the standard by which cycle times are compared to determine whether or not they should be counted.

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