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About Us

Our job at Caribou is to provide software tools that help businesses to communicate better and work more efficiently from field to office as they strive to run their business better. We help make our customers' work life easier, more organized, and more accountable. And that is a recipe for helping them maintain a strong, enduring, and successful organization.

The easiest way to tell you about us is to tell you that at Caribou, we care about our customers.

Our mission at Caribou is to provide entrepreneurial companies in the forestry, oilfield, and construction sectors with software tools that help them be accountable to their business so they can stay in business! Your hard-earned money is financing your company's operations; the sooner you have a clear picture of where that money is going, the sooner you can make more informed business decisions that will increase the profitability of your operations.

At Caribou, we are committed to providing our customers with:

Building superior software and delivering and supporting it with superior service is our core priority at Caribou Software. Our software gives our customers throughout North America the Edge in business by providing them with reliable, rich job costing capabilities, its flexible subcontractor and employee payment functionality, and its streamlined billing functionality.

Simply stated, our goal is to help you do your business better!

Our products help roughly 300 forestry, oilfield, and construction companies to run a more profitable operation by giving them the information they need to make well-informed business decisions. Our goal at Caribou is to make every customer a reference site, so you can be assured that we'll do our best to provide you with the best product and service in the industry, bar none!

Caribou Software - Bringing You

Efficency, Organization, Accountability.


Hinton, Alberta may seem like a long way from nowhere, but it's actually in the heartland of the logging and oilfield businesses we serve.

In addition, its proximity to one of North America's most glorious natural gems, Jasper National Park, makes it a marvellous base from which to serve our customers. The beauty of the natural surroundings here in Hinton is great for our employees, and it provides an excellent haven for our customers as well.

We encourage our customers to escape their hectic day-to-day lives and join us for a day or two of one-on-one training here in Hinton, followed by some good R&R in the pristine Canadian Rockies!

Mountains Near Hinton, AB

The Owners

Bob Lucke and Teresa Hannah founded Caribou Software in August of 2004, but their work history together dates back much further. They first worked together at Price Waterhouse (now known as PriceWaterhouse Coopers) in Washington DC in the late 1980s. They relocated to Price Waterhouse’s Chicago office in the mid-1990s, writing and implementing international tax software for multinational companies. They later migrated to Ernst & Young's Chicago office doing similar work, but were drawn to the beauty of the Canadian Rockies, and relocated there in the early 2000s.

Bob and Teresa are both Ph.D. economists by training, and never expected to be building and supporting business accounting software for forestry and oilfield service contractors. Yet they have found it to be easily the most gratifying years of their work lives. They love working with small, private (often family-run) companies, and never cease to be amazed at the variety of business challenges that their users follow. Bob & Teresa are grateful to live in the Canadian Rockies, and to help such a wonderful group of users overcome their business challenges and help them do their business better.

Bob Lucke
Teresa Hannah

Why we live in Hinton  

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