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The Caribou Way

At Caribou, we understand that when you buy a new software application, you aren't just buying a piece of software. You're also buying access to a support infrastructure to help you use the software as efficiently as possible. We pride ourselves in offering reliable, friendly, and efficient service to our customers.

We care a lot about technology, but we also care a lot about you at Caribou!

Many software companies rarely interact with their customers after the license agreement is signed, taking a hands-off, figure-it-out-on-your-own approach. At Caribou, we approach things differently. Part of what makes us unique is that we genuinely enjoy establishing strong relationships with our new customers and coaching them through the learning process. We strive to make the training and implementation as efficient and enjoyable as we can. In fact, we've had customers tell us explicitly how appreciative they are of our proactive approach because it has helped them get much more value from their software investment than they would have gotten otherwise.

With over ten years of experience in performing software implementations for both large and small companies, we have learned the importance of ensuring that our users are getting the assistance they need, particularly during their first few weeks with the software. We follow a process that ensures we configure the system to meet your business facts up-front, and we combine self-guided training materials with structured, one-on-one online or in-person training to expedite the learning process and establish comfort and competency with our system.

Training and configuration is the first stage of our relationship in terms of helping you get the most from your investment with us, but our relationship with our customers doesn't stop there. Once you are actively using the software in a live production environment, our support crew is here to assist you when you run into a question, to assist when you face a new scenario and needs some guidance on how best to handle it in the software, to assist you when your business changes, or simply to help out when you are having one of those bad computer days!

Whether you are a proficient computer user, or you are just beginning to establish a relationship with your computer, our support and training people will adjust to meet your needs. We rely on an internet-based tool called Teamviewer to provide our customer training and support, and we provide as much or as little training and consulting assistance as you require.

Our Commitment To Our Customers

Our goal is to ensure that every customer is so satisfied with the software and the service we provide, that they are happy to be a strong reference for us. That doesn't mean our clients think we are perfect, by any stretch, but it does mean that they know we are committed to working together through whatever challenges or problems they may be encountering.

We make these commitments and take them seriously. We expect to be constantly graded by you on our success at meeting these commitments to you. If there is anything we can do better, we want to know it.

What “Being Caribou” Means to Us

According to native symbolism, Caribou symbolize resourcefulness, knowledge, inventiveness, endurance, and perseverance. They welcome the opportunity to guide others into new directions. They are tenacious in getting the job done. At Caribou Software, our goal is to embody those characteristics by the way we approach our work with our customers:

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