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When you invest in an efficiency-enhancing software system built specifically for your industry, the software itself is only half the equation. The other half is the service provided with the software to ensure that the software is configured to conform as closely as possible to your specific business practices and work flow. But the service extends beyond the technical aspects of business analysis and configuration. It also involves the customer 'care' and encouragement needed to help your team embrace the change and learn how to simplify their work life with our systems.

Let's face it: implementing a new software system is a disruptive process, and it's often human nature to resist change. Our Caribou care and encouragement helps users overcome the inertia of the 'status quo.' It is this care and encouragement that is often the missing ingredient in unsuccessful implementations, and that is why we put so much energy into it.

Implementation & Training

With over ten years of experience in performing software implementations for both large and small companies, we have learned the importance of ensuring that our users are getting the assistance they need, particularly during their first few months with the software. We follow a process that involves:

We care about our software implementations being a success so much that sometimes we're like Kazoo, the little Martian in Fred Flintstones. We nudge and encourage our users to stay focused on getting the software up and running despite the many responsibilities that compete for their time.

Ongoing Support

While training and configuration are the first stages of our relationship in terms of helping you get the most from your investment with us, the interaction doesn't stop there. Once you are actively using the software in a live production environment, our support team is here to assist you when you run into a question, to assist when you face a new scenario and needs some guidance on how best to handle it in the software, or to assist you when your business changes and need to modify the way you are using the software.
And sometimes, we're here simply to help out when you are having one of those bad computer days!


We don't just offer a "what you see out of the box is what you get" software package. We provide both a product and a service, and part of that service is offering custom programming options to handle certain business practices that are unique to your business. While customizations are not needed for the majority of our clients, the ability to have the software adapted to conform even more closely to core business processes can help you get all the more mileage from your investment with us.

Customized Reports

Our software systems come with a variety of standardized reports, but we've learned over time that no two companies look at their data in exactly the same way. Over the years, we have built many custom reports for specific users that provides them with exactly the information they need in exactly the format they want, with the click of a button. Our programming rates are competitive, and our software architecture makes delivering custom reports a fairly simple process.

Hosting Services

In addition to deploying our solutions for you on premise in your own environment, Caribou can also host our solutions for you in the Cloud, depending on what is best for your business. There are advantages of both types of approaches: cloud based environments help reduce hardware costs as well as software update and maintenance costs, and are easy for you to access whether in or outside the office. More traditional local in-house deployment are not reliant upon an internet connect, and leave you with more direct control over your environment, which is more comfortable for some users.

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