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Suzie Logger: Electronic Load Tracker

It's Time to Get Rid of Loader Log Books: Introducing Suzie Logger - Your Paper Log Book Replacement

Caribou's Suzie Logger software is an application that runs on any Android Phone or Tablet device and serves as a replacement for a loaderman's handwritten log books. Log load data are stored in the handheld and can be delivered to the office electronically at any time.

Can your Loadermen use a cell phone? Then they can use Suzie Logger. It's that simple!

You no longer have to decipher a loader's cryptic handwriting that often looks worse than a doctor's handwritten prescription. With Suzie Logger, you can be sure that every log load your men have is recorded, making the task of reconciling with your Mills much easier and more accurate.

Suzie Tablet
With Suzie Logger:
  • No 'Lost' Loads
  • No Re-keying Tickets
  • Less paper
  • More Accuracy
  • More Security

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Eliminate Re-Keying

In Suzie Logger, load data is only ever entered once. The data entries are made from "pick" lists that you define beforehand. For example, if you are only loading Chip 'N' Saw and Pulp, you set up those entries and they are the only selections available for the loader.

Electronic Load Ticket

  • Replaces Carbon Paper Load Tickets
  • Your Predefined Lists Enforce Selection of Valid Entries
  • Load Slip Numbers can be auto generated
  • GPS (optional) can be captured

Load Verification and Analysis

The date and time of each load is captured and posted to the electronic load ticket. The date/time can be used to calculate your truck cycle times if you also manage the log hauling phase.

In addition, handhelds equipped with a GPS receiver (like the Trimble shown here) will post the GPS location to the load ticket. This provides a way to verify that each load is actually loaded from the tract where the loader is assigned.

Printed Load Ticket

The handheld can use a Bluetooth wireless connection to print a trip ticket to send with the driver to the mill.
  • Labels and Layout are configurable
  • Prints Short Codes or Longer Descriptions
  • Prints Multiple Copies
  • No More Handwritten Multi-Carbon Tickets
  • Tickets are Readable!
  • Bar Coding (optional)

Data Transfer

The load data is stored in a database on the handheld and can be passed to the office through several means. These include:

  • A Wi-Fi connection to a wireless hotspot
  • A cellular modem (for those handhelds with cellular modems)
  • A memory stick through a USB port (only for Windows CE version)

Data Security

Suzie Logger enforces data security. The handheld stores all load tickets for a full season. You can always retrieve every ticket created by your loader.

Tickets can be edited, but edits are restricted after a ticket has been printed. Tickets can be voided, but even these tickets are stored and are easily retrievable. The loaderman cannot delete a load from the system. As noted above, the GPS and Date/Time stamp provide a complete activity history.

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